Being fit and healthy is more than a 12 week challenge, it’s for a lifetime

Being fit and healthy is considered many different things to different people. For some it means being “ripped and lean”, for others it means being comfortable in their body and capable of living life actively. For others it is somewhere in between.

The most important thing is to make “Being fit and healthy” a way of life and not just for a short period of time or to binge on being fit and healthy throughout your life.

I am all for promoting programs that run for period of times with incentives to get people moving. What I don’t like is seeing programs that don’t teach people how to remain fit and healthy as per the individuals definition of fit and healthy after the program ends.

I look at my definition of being fit and healthy. I am different to a lot of personal trainers in that I don’t promote that I will enable my clients to become a “bikini babe” or a “weight lifter” because thats not what I consider is achievable by a high percentage of the population. By no means am I saying these goals are not realistic or should be desirable to some, I am saying they are not me nor what my business stands for. Unfortunately in the fitness and health industry, thanks to the power of social media most “Social Media” Fitness “experts” and high profile people these goals are pushed as being what everyone should achieve. Yes everyone has a choice – BUT we all know the power of social media platforms and what they can achieve in both a positive and negative way.

So – what’s fit and healthy ?

To me it means being in the best mental and physical state for an individual. Notice I use the word individual. Everyone is different and thank god for that! Some people are naturally lean, muscular, fuller figured or a combination of all these body types and what one person is comfortable is different to someone else.

If a person has a healthy weight both on the scales and as far as key measurements is concerned, has a positive attitude towards food, a balanced mindset when it comes to exercise and lives their life to the fullest, has healthy relationships with family and friends and looks and feels their best shouldn’t this being living Fit and Healthy? – yes or no?

Obviously there are so many factors that we are given by science and the medical fraternity as to what is healthy and this can be so confusing but honestly it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. I start all my clients off with the saying of “Move more and eat more “healthy” foods. This resonates with most but some take some more convincing.

In the end from my perspective, if you feel you’re looking and feeling your best – who can argue with what “Fit and Healthy” is. After all it is a choice. If you want help getting to a point where you feel you’re “Fit and Healthy” check out our Group Personal Training Classes or if you want the singular focus of Personal Training or if you’re not local to where we train why not try our Online Personal Training.