Being honest is a phrase we all use a lot. We expect this of those around us and place a high value on it BUT are we truly honest with ourselves or do we live in a world where we tell ourselves what we want to hear to keep the status quo. Is that the easier option when it comes to living in a modern world. I think for some people it is far easier to tell themselves and those around them the things they want to hear to prevent conflict both internally and externally with those closest to us.

Is that a gasp I hear?

How many times have you told yourself that you will begin that exercise program tomorrow or go to the gym tomorrow? How many times have you told your partner the truth to avoid a conflict. How many times have you told your boss a little white lie just to keep them calm at work? The answer is probably yes to all of the above! I know I have. Gosh the number of times Ive told myself that this was going to be the time I was going to make a change for the better in regards to my health or fitness. The number of times I told my partner that I believed them when they told me where they were (cheater), the amount of times I told my boss I had done something only to scurry off and do it as quickly as I could just to avoid a conflict. I could go on and on here but I think you get the point.

Now before anyone gets up on their high horse and tries to tell me that they are honest all the time, I say to you well done. You’re in the small minority of the population that does so and well done you. Unfortunately for the rest of us mere mortals that just isn’t the case.

The down side of not being as honest as we should be is that we end up doing a dis-service not only to those we are associated with but mostly to ourselves. If you have been reading my blog and followed my story you’ll know of the journey I have been on to become a personal trainer and the changes I had to make to get here. Well I can tell you it took me a long time to be honest with myself about a great many things before I could move forward.

I had to be honest with myself about my health and how poor it was. I had to be honest with myself how much I hated the work I was doing and quit my job. I had to be honest with myself how toxic my relationship was with my partner and I had to end it. All pretty major things and none of them came easy.

Being honest with myself forced me to look at my life differently. Was I happy with where I was at? Did I like the person looking back at me in the mirror? Did I feel like there was more to life or was this it? Was my partner making me truly happy? Did the money I was earning actually make me happier. Most of these I answered with a resounding NO. Some took some time to realise they were answered with a no. The tip here is that I opened myself up to being honest with myself. And to be quite frank the more open to being honest with myself, the more honest I was.

So lets create a scenario that most people can relate to. This one surrounds finding the time to train as you work long hours and you are raising a family. I hear this so often from parents that they cant train because of their kids. They don’t have time. They are busy doing things for the kids or running the kids around. They say their kids are really important to them. Whilst this is correct, do you think the kids will remember you for all the lifts you gave them or the shiny new toys you bought them? NO – they will remember the time you spent with them and how happy and healthy you were and how long a life you lived. Maybe this is a good starting point for most to begin the “being honest” with yourself project. Try it and see where it leads. If you do give it a go I would be really interested to hear back from you on how it went. Jump over to our Facebook Page and leave us a message FACEBOOK.

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