What is the best type of training for me?
There are so many and varied forms of training these days and each day another style or type pops up. Feeling confused? Yes join the club.
I talk to clients every day who want to know what the best form of training is to achieve their goals. They come to me with the latest and greatest form of training. They think that it will be the wholly grail for them. Unfortunately it is not as simple as this.
First things first when it comes to exercising. Any exercise in the first place is great! Start moving rather than being sedentary is the first step everyone must take in the journey. Whether ust a walk, a swim, out on the bike, playing with the kids – it’s at least something. It’s a START.
If you want to achieve transforming your body, you need to look at what type of training will suit you and your goals.
So what are all the type types of training:
Personal Training. – Is training with someone who leads, instructs, and motivates in exercise activities.
Group Personal Training. – Participants are doing different things at a customized level of fitness and ability.
Online PT. – can help you reach your goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym, or other personal space. They specialize in body and lifestyle transformations. Using physical training, nutritional changes, and mind set improvements.
HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training alternates between high-intensity and low-intensity exercise. e.g sprint for 30-seconds, then walk for 60-seconds.
Body Pump. Group Fitness class run in a commerical gym using barbells that work all the major muscle groups.
Body Attack. Group Fitness class run in a commercial gym. The sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina.
Cross Fit. is varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Workouts are functional movements. These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.
Weight Training. The common type of strength training for developing the strength and size muscles.
Yoga. A group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices and disciplines. There are different techniques, postures and movement. Breath awareness and breathing exercises, relaxation and concentration, self-inquiry and meditation.
Bikram Yoga. – Classes run for 90 minutes and consist of a series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga style, and is practiced in a room heated to 35–42 °C (95–108 °F) with a humidity of 40%.
Pilates. Is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. … Pilates classes build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. With an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine.
Boxing is a good full-body workout. It covers all body areas and provides a useful balance between cardio and resistance training. A great way to take out your stress on an opponents pads or a boxing bag.
There are more but these are all the ones that I get asked about.
All these are about getting you to move, all have their benefits, all have their critics too. Today we are all too ready to be negative to something new. It happens every day and fitness programs are not immune from it.
So how do you choose what is best for you? Well If you’re as confused as I was when I started my weight loss journey, seek the services of a professional. If I didn’t have the expertise in my corner I wouldn’t have achieved the success I did.
If this is not an option you want to find a program that you enjoy. One of the keys to succeeding with making you fitness a habit is enjoyment. group personal training or one of the fun Body Pump, Body Attack classes run at your local gym. I have clients who find the comradery in our group classes is what keeps them coming back. Once the results start happening you celebrate with the whole group. I have seen some life-long friendships develop from my groups. Something I am proud of.
For something completely immersive, try weight training, powerlifting or even cross fit. Those types of training can be life changing. They are addictive and competitive. Not everyone is looking to lift heavy weights. There was the urban myth that if woman lift weights they will become bulky and masculine looking. Yes this can happed if this is your end goal. If its not, your instructor or trainer should tailor your program so that this does not happen.
For as long as I can remember Yoga and pilates have been around. Both are lower impact on the body (Joints) and have labelled as less that other forms of training. If anyone thinks this go in and try either form of training and your mind will change forever. These are both very demanding on the body and give your body a great work out.
Finally boxing – my personal favourite. I love boxing. I love it for the level of stress it puts my entire body under and I enjoy taking all my stress out on those pads or bag. It is a great way to get all that emotion out. This is as good for the mind as well as the body. It’s also a lot of fun.
If you would like to join either our one on one personal training, group personal training or try our new online personal training, click here for more information.