Change is a state that most people seek and most are uncomfortable with.

Whether it is changing jobs, changing partners, changing our behaviours or even changing our bodies we seek change to improve what we have in life.

With change comes a whole heap of challenges, working out what you want, how to do it, wondering if you can actually achieve the change, whats the timeframe, will those around me support me in my decision and will the change be sustainable over a long period of time are just some.

Firstly working out exactly what it is that you desire  presents most people with an insurmountable obstacle. A lot have a vague idea about what they want, but a vague idea gives us no purpose nor provides us with any impetus to changing. Taking time out and thinking about what it is exactly you want is very important. People are afraid to go after exactly what it is they desire. Whether it be changing jobs, having a relationship they’ve always dreamed of, getting their health and fitness to the best level it has ever been. Being honest with yourself and going after what you really want seems to be out of reach. I know Ive been exactly in this position. I now have a clear defined list of goals I want to achieve. These range from lifestyle, health, financial and travel. They are personal to me and are constantly top of my mind and this keeps me striving to make the changes I need to, to achieve real sustainable life change.

Changing is possible for anyone. If you want to start the process, take a look at what is going on around and think about the things you want to change. If your health and fitness is an area you wish then maybe its time to start exercising more. For more information on how i can help you change check out our One to One Personal Training at or our Group Personal Training or if you are not local to where we are located you could qualify for our Online Personal Training