Why do I fail each new program/diet?
This is a very common question that I get asked from many clients when they first begin with me.
“I tried XX program and I didnt lose the weight” Or “I tried their group training class and I never saw any weight come off”
Does this sound familiar at all? Or have you tried something unrelated to fitness but not achieved what you thought you would?
In the world today of convenience and immediacy we get frustrated if we dont get a result in the time we want.
The problem isnt with the tool we are using to achieve an out come. Its with the operator – ie YOU!
You want a result and you want it yesterday right? Well moment of truth coming! It doesnt happen that way. If you want to lose weight, remember you didnt put on weight overnight so you wont lose it over night either. If youre trying to get fit, its the same, it wont happen overnight but it will happen.
As they say patience is a virtue and something in very short supply these days.
You’re not alone with the feelings of frustration. We would all like to improve our lives and do it as fast as possible.
The other part of the puzzle, is you need to follow directions/instructions of the program. Buying into a program and expecting results without putting in the work is plain stupid. Unfortunately I see this everyday with clients. I give them instructions to follow whilst away from me. They tell me they are following these. Then when it comes to weigh in day for example there is no change to the scales or measurements. My client doesnt achieve anything and tells me that they have done everything. BUT the scales or measuring tape doesnt lie. Not following instructions of a program or from your trainer only effects you. You dont get the result you want, youre wasting time and money. Nothing changes.
If the instructions from the program or your trainer is about diet, change your diet. If you dont like the foods included in your eating plan, make suggestions on what you would prefer. These programs or instructions arent there to punish you. Its designed to help you achieve the results you want. You go to a trainer or buy a program because they are the expert in the field and have demonstrated results. Paying for something and not doing the work wont get you anywhere.
If you’ve followed all the instructions and you still believe your results are sub par. Its time to speak to your doctor or health professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you feel that something may not be right.
Another thing to consider is your beliefs. Your beliefs may be preventing you from achieving the results that you are after. I wrote a post on this as well. Check it out here.
Finally – be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you dont always achieve amazing results. We are all guilty of being angry with ourselves because of the results we didnt get. We also forget how far weve already come. In my upcoming post I will be highlighting the results of one of my clients. You will see how far he has come. Remember my post on “start“. By doing that you’ve already moved forward from where you were. Be grateful for it and continue to move forward.
If you’re after help to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, try our group personal training . Maybe you would prefer the singular focus of our one to one personal training. Some of you may not be local to our training studio. So why not try our online personal training.