Honesty – The quality of being honestThe consequence is that qualities such as honesty and integrity matter substantially more.

A great term that’s thrown about easily. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for most people in life in general but especially for those who are embarking on a health, fitness or weight loss journey.

As a personal trainer I hear from many clients that they are eating well, exercising away from our sessions and not falling back into bad habits. This is not ALWAYS the case!

The signs are pretty obvious – weight loss is slow, energy levels fluctuate, enthusiasm wanes, moods start to increase and usually blame starts to get hurled around.

Being honest with yourself is such an extremely important part of the journey. Telling your trainer what you think they want to hear serves no purpose. The only person that it affects is YOU!

Yes being honest with yourself is hard work. It is sometimes very confronting and upsetting but they struggle is well worth it. You will find it hard to break the bad habits and those addictions well they can be incredibly hard to stop. BUT through the struggle of being honest with yourself you will find a freedom and exhilaration that you quite possibly have never felt before.

Moving forward not only in physical sense but also an emotional one.