Love the journey you’re on because the destination may not be what you’re expecting. I hate using the word “journey” but it sums up things perfectly. When we are seeking a result in life we go on a journey to get there. Learn to love the journey and you will probably get more out of it than if you’re just fixated on the result. Think about it how many times have you had a goal in mind and then when you reach the goal you find out that it wasn’t as rewarding as what the journey to achieve the goal was?

I can honestly say there have been more times than I care to admit where I have worked towards a goal only to either at a different destination altogether or when I did achieve the goal, I didn’t feel as satisfied as what I thought I was when I set the goal in the first place.

Being fixated on the result or destination can often lead to you missing out on opportunities along the way and also being too focused on just the outcome could mean you actually don’t enjoy working towards that goal. It makes me ask the question as to why you are doing it in the first place. Sometimes when we are facing a tough battle to achieve our dreams if we enjoy the journey it can make the result even sweeter. Im not saying that if its all hard work and you won’t enjoy it, Im just trying to highlight that you have to have enough flexibility to change course should you see something you want more or to overcome hurdles that are placed in front of you. I see so often when people are presented with an obstacle in their “journey” they either give up or continue to bang their head against the wall until the break through or give up.