Do I need a personal trainer.
Wow what is this guy writing about. Isn’t he a personal trainer, why would he be asking the question why you need a pt. It’s an interesting topic to be write about, but also one that is valid.
The role of personal trainer has been around for decades. Recently the profile of PT’s has increased due to social media. The role that was only in the local gym is now everywhere. PTs are influencing across clothing, supplements, cooking, nutrition and the list goes on.
With this exposure more people are turning to personal trainer’s to help them get their fitness in order. The role of the personal trainer though is changing. No longer is it confined to physical health. It is also working on mental health and lifestyle transformations. They are not psychologists or psychiatrists. The influence they can have on your mind set is extraordinary. But not all personal trainer’s have this expertise though. Working on someone’s mental health and mindset is important to long term health and fitness.
A PT provides a level of accountability.
Their knowledge should cover:
  • exercise programming,
  • exercise progression,
  • injury prevention,
  • rehabilitation,
  • nutritional advice & planning
  • mindset, goal setting
All contribute to what makes a good trainer. Increasingly some life experience is becoming required with an aging population.
The level of accountability a personal trainer can provide is the key to success. Being accountable for exercise, eating well and mindset are key to long term success.
No longer is training about the number of reps and sets you do or taking endless selfies in the gym. There is a whole host of other skills that are standard now.
When choosing a personal trainer make sure you:
  • find one that you’re comfortable with,
  • is inspiring,
  • has the skills set you need,
  • is certified and insured
  • is getting results (experience)
  • they provide value over and above

I found that when I was looking for a personal trainer to help me, it was important that I related to them, they provided inspiration and also had some life experience. Check out my story of how I became a personal trainer.

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