In life when we desire something it always begins at the “Start”, the start of a new chapter, the start of a new job, the start of a new relationship or the start of your fitness journey. These all begin with a starting point. For far too long in the fitness industry the start of a persons fitness journey has been done with much fan fair and undue pressure, which eventually leads to failure. The statements made on social media that you’re transforming your life, you’re not drinking alcohol for a period of time or you are training for a particular event often leads to the feeling of expectation from those around you and often results in less than stellar results. Granted for some this is the best way to get the desired results but for others its a repetitive cycle than never seems to end.

As we age our focus on health and fitness should shift to be the capabilities we want in life. So as we progress through our lives our bodies and our minds are the most capable that they can be. It doesn’t  mean you have to have the body of a bikini babe or the muscles of a  body builder but just be in the best functional and mental shape of your life.

To begin all you need to do is start.

So the starting point maybe just making the decision that you want to improve your life and thinking about how you go about this. Taking a simple ten minutes out of your day and doing some exercise is a great way to kick this off. It has low or minimal impact in your day and you can manage what you have in your normal day around this. I mean honestly there are 24 hours in a day, you sleep for say 7 hours, you work for 8-10 hours, leaving 7 hours for all the other things you have in your life, including sitting watching tv or being on social media. If you can’t find ten minutes out of your day to start something new in the way of exercise then I would then start to question whether or not you really want to improve your health and fitness and maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. C mon what are you waiting for start today.