Stop comparing yourself to others.

Ever find yourself looking at others on Social Media and thinking why can’t I look like that? or Why can’t I do what they are doing? or why doesn’t my body look the same as others when I do the same exercise.

The answer is simple. No two people are alike and therefore you can’t expect the same results.

Social media is one of the most powerful and positive tools we have developed in the last decade. But alas it also has caused a lot of anxiety as it has making comparing one another so prevalent. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to another person.

Why is comparing yourself a recipe for disaster? Well despite the obvious thing of no two people being the same there are so many other factors that come into play with our lives today. So lets look at body image and weight loss for example. As we all work and have busy lives our priorities are very different from one another. I am yet to meet many people who have the stedfast conviction to make their health and fitness a priority over everything else in their lives. Can you imagine a mother who works out more than she does spend time looking after her kids. Do you see many people who are doing the exact same jobs and have the exact same home and social lives that are able to commit to the exact same level of training or diet plans? No ? Then stop expecting to see the same results in others.

Will results be similar? YES! Yes they will be similar but none will be the exactly the same.

Have you ever watched those late night infomercials who are selling the latest piece of exercise equipment or weight loss program? There are always terms and conditions at the bottom of the screen. One term and condition that they always state is that “Results may vary from person to person” Im sure now next time you see one of these ads you will look out for the “fine print”

Comparing your health and fitness journey to others especially those you do not know – think social media celebrities also is fought with danger. These social media celebrities only show you one side of their lives. They often don’t show the warts and all of their everyday. They present these amazingly fit and healthy bodies but don’t show how much work goes into it nor do they show how long they are spending in the gym nor the amount of dieting they do to keep themselves there. Now I am the first one to admire these people but I am also one of the harshest critics. They create very unrealistic expectations for others and this makes most feel like failures should they not achieve the same results as these “celebrities”. If only people knew how hard these people work, the amount of sacrifice they make and also don’t forget some people are genetically blessed when it comes to their body types. Don’t think for a moment that I think these people don’t deserve the accolades they have bestowed upon them but seriously how many of us who are living normal lives can achieve the same level of health and fitness. Yes they do inspire a lot of people to get moving but sadly I think they do more harm then good. Check out this story recently in one of local newspapers about the body image issues boys and young men are now suffering from Body image issues.  As a personal trainer I come across this everyday. Because I made a conscious decision years ago that I was not going to cater for the body conscious market (think muscle bound guys and unrealistically slim women), I see so many people who fail because of the age the fitness industry projects. My clients are those who want to be in the best shape possible within the means of their life. Hence why my businesses tag line is “Real People, Real Trainers, Real Results ®”

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