Stop punishing the body you hate and start creating the body you’ll love

For the last ten years I have worked in an industry which for the most part has been about helping individuals be the best version of themselves, yet we here in Australia have one of the highest obesity rates in the developed world. Is there a serious disconnect here or am I missing something?

No you’re right there is a serious disconnect. I have trained hundreds of people and one overwhelming theme that I see all the time is that people feel they have to punish themselves for their past sins and to achieve the body and mind they want they have to punish themselves every time they step into a gym or do any form of exercise.

How about I drop a truth bomb here? NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUNISH YOURSELF to be the best version of you in mind and or body. Sadly thanks to “influencers” and I use the term loosely, unless you’re dripping with sweat or near death you haven’t really worked out hard enough and therefore you cant achieve what you first set out to do. Hey “influencers” not everyone wants to live in Bali and go to a cross fit gym every day and roll around with other people sweating like there’s not tomorrow. You my friend are a misguided, uneducated wanker! Sorry for the rant but that sort of stuff just gets me fired up and so frustrated.

If you’re looking to change how you look and feel about your body and appearance, there is a simple way to go about this. It is as follows:

  1. Make the conscious decision that you want to improve how you look and feel.
  2. Be kind to yourself about where you are right now. Don’t beat yourself up. Think about the words that come into your mind when you stand infront of the mirror. Listen to those words and ask yourself if one of your friends or family or even your partner spoke to you in this way would you stand for it? I would suggest no.
  3. Start small. Make some small changes in your life that will lead you on the path to improving your overall health and fitness. For me I always start with going for a walk. Grab a friend or the dog and just go for a 15-30 minute each day. That movement will start a change reaction in your body where you will start to feel better. 
  4. Build on the small changes and slowly but surely begin to make more changes. Maybe the next one is to start to look at what you’re eating? Don’t make any changes just keep a food diary for 2 weeks (1 week at minimum) right down everything you are putting in your mouth, even water, coffee, tea etc. Then after the two weeks are up take an honest look at what you’re consuming, when you’re eating and how you felt. It’s a great exercise to look at your relationship with food. From there you can make some conscious decisions about how you move forward with food. My advice here though is to seek out the services of a professional when it comes to nutrition. Don’t just rely on Dr Google or the wise words of your friends. Nutrition is specific to an individual and seeking out professional advice is the best way to go. I have a strategic relationship with a nutritionist – Jess from Jessica Worth Nutritionist. Jess is a great person, easy to work with and achieves great results for all her clients. I suggest you check her out.
  5. Keep a journal or a log of how you’re tracking with the changes you’re making. Before you know it you will be a month down and have made significant change and will wonder why it took you so long. 

In the end from my perspective, if you feel you’re looking and feeling your best – who can argue with what “Fit and Healthy” is. After all it is a choice. If you want help getting to a point where you feel you’re “Fit and Healthy” drop me a note and we can get you under way.