Want to achieve amazing results in your weight loss journey?

If youre looking to achieve amazing results in your weight loss journey, look no further.
Meet my client Nathan. He and I have been friends for about 20 years. During that I time I have never known Nathan to be anything but a big lad. He grew up playing rugby which was a good base for his fitness. As he has aged and become increasing busy with work and family, his level of exercise has been non existant. This caused weight gain and after a prolonged period of time health concerns occured.
Nathans journey to becoming fit and healthy are almost a parallel of my own story. Nathan hadn’t noticed the weight gain or the decline of his physical capabilities.
When he approached me about assisting him to lose weight I jumped at the chance.
His initial goals was to improve his health and he wasnt as concerned with how he looked. I remember him telling me that he didn’t have a distinct goal in mind. It was to get healthier, Nathan was under doctors orders to get healthier or face a pretty grim future.
So I designed a program for nathan that had some limitations on it due to his then health issues. I based his program on getting him moving and strength training. Each day he trained he had cardio exercise to complete along with strength training. The strength training focused on seperate body parts. I was trying not to overwhelm him with too many exercises too soon.
Due to nathans weight and lack of exercise I couldnt “smash” him every session. I had to start slow and build it up. I remember the calls and text messages about how sore he was feeling but never did I hear nathan complain. From the outset he focused on the end result which was a fitter, healthier and happier person.
Within a few weeks nathan started to see the changes begin. His clothes became looser, his strength increase and he was feeling better. The compliments from those around him also started. Many of his colleagues and friends began to say how good he was looking. Like most obese people, taking these compliments was hard but this was proof he was changing his life.
Nathans focus on getting the weigh off was one of the reasons he succeeded. Without that focus he would not have achieved as much . He made the commitment to join a gym, he trained 3 days a week. He even started doing his own exercise after work where he would go for a walk. He wanted this. More than anything.
As you can see from the before and after pictures, Nathan does look amazing. Outside of the external changes he made his transformation has changed his mindset. Nathan now has more confidence than ever, exercise is now a part of his lifestyle not an exception as it once had been.
Nathan and I are continuing to work together as his goals revised. We have recently reset his program and changed his nutrition plan. This should enable him to achieve his new goals. He has set a target of his next birthday which is in June. Its a big one and he wants to look and feel his best. You know what I cant wait to see what he looks like then. I know he will do it. His success comes down to wanting it, being patient to achieve it and he’s been kind to himself. The kicker that has helped has been the programming and accountability that I have done for him. Without this I know nathan believes he wouldnt have achieved as much as what he did with my help. Nathans weight was at its heaviest 140kg and he has gotten down to 97kg. An amazing result that I am so proud of for Nathan.
If you’ve read this story and looked at the pictures and are now thinking you can do this, get in contact with me. We can have a chat and see if we can do something together. For more information on my group personal training or my one to one personal training click on the links. If you’re not local to our training facility our online personal training is for you. What have you got to lose? Only that weight!