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[cherry_spoiler title=”How do I get started?”]

Whether you’re looking to train one to one, in a small group, enquire about fitness classes for your child or wanting to sign up to our online personal training product, simply call or email today! Call +61 402 693 008 or email andrew@personallytrained.com.au.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”What can I expect from my first session “]

You’re first session with me is probably the hardest. Most people are not sure of what to expect and are worried that they won’t be able to complete the exercises and are embarrassed to be just starting out. Let me assure you, you will be fine. We all had to start somewhere. Our first session together is as much about getting to know you and being comfortable with you as you getting to know me and that you are comfortable with me. If at the end of the session you are under no obligation to stay but I can tell you this, I’ve never had anyone not continue you with me. Seriously you’ll be fine and you will probably leave with a smile on your face!

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”What do I bring to my first session?”]

Our first session will be a relatively easy session to begin with consisting of some fitness testing and reviewing your Health and Fitness Assessment form. From this I will get a better understanding as to where you are at and how I can help you achieve your goals. Things I would suggest you bring with you, a water bottle, towel, comfortable clothing which you can work out in, runners and a positive attitude.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”How much does the different programs cost?”]

Each program costs are different. It really depends upon the program and whether or not you buy sessions in bulk packs. The more sessions you buy up front the better the discount.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Should I eat before I workout?”]

In my experience eating before working out can make you feel ill. I would suggest if you’re training in the morning before work, have a glass of water and maybe half a banana if you’re really hungry.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Can I claim my personal training against my private health fund?”]

Every health fund treats personal training and group exercising classes very different. If you’re unsure I would suggest contacting your health fund directly to find out if you are covered. We do have alliances with several leading health funds but it does come down to the individuals level of cover.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”What if I need to cancel my session – what happens?”]

Everyone is living very busy lives these days. Trust me I know. There are always going to be unavoidable circumstances that crop up from time to time. My cancellation policy is pretty simple and above all fair for all parties concerned. If you cancel on the day of your session then the session is forfeited or must be paid for. If it is the day before we can reschedule to another time that is convenient for both parties. I text all my clients at least 24 hrs before their chosen appointment to confirm their attendance.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Do you guarantee your results?”]

This is a question that I get asked all the time. My clients who have achieved their results have done so because they wanted to achieve those results. The position of offering a guarantee is a grand one. Especially given the amount of time a client actually spends with me. If my clients follow all my instructions with regards to their exercise and nutrition there is NO reason why they  won’t achieve their desired results.

[/cherry_spoiler][cherry_spoiler title=”What happens if I get injured?”]

It can be quite common to suffer some form of an injury when embarking on a training program. This can be attributed to a number of things but mostly likely it is your body’s way of reacting to the new level of activity it now does. If you have pre-purchased your sessions, the remaining sessions will remain on hold until you are able to come back to training. These pre-purchased packs have an expiry of three (3) months from date of purchase. If you are going to be out of action longer than this the injury will probably preclude you from continuing your training.

[/cherry_spoiler] [cherry_spoiler title=”Are you a registered personal trainer/personal training business?”]

Yes I am. I am registered both as an individual personal trainer and a personal training business with Fitness Australia. Fitness Australia is the peak health and fitness industry association providing a range of support services and solutions to over 30,000 Registered Personal Trainers, Registered Fitness Instructors, fitness businesses and suppliers Australia-wide. As a peak industry association with a highly credible national profile, FA recognise the growing importance of the fitness industry to the Australian economy and to maintaining the health and well-being of the Australian community. I am also registered with ASCA who is the governing body for Strength and Conditioning Coaches. I strongly endorse being registered with both these organisations as they help keep the industry moving forward in a very productive way and ensure that all registered practitioners have adequate current and up to date qualifications.

[/cherry_spoiler][cherry_spoiler title=”Are you insured?”]

Yes I have current public liability insurance.

[/cherry_spoiler][cherry_spoiler title=”Do you have a current working with Children Police Check?”]

Yes I have a current working with children police check. This is now an online service when I can provide potential employers my WWC number and can check my status online.