The Committed program will give you all the tools you will need to develop a fit healthy and above all a happy lifestyle with the added focus of a dedicated online personal trainer at an affordable price. Ideal for those who feel they need the added focus, drive and assistance in reaching their health and fitness goals.


For $147 one-off payment (includes 1st month) and $45 a month ($1.50/day) you can join our Committed Program.

What’s Included:

* Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis – we need to understand exactly where you are at with regards to your health, fitness and current lifestyle. This will enable a tailored approach to your program

* Body Analysis – key measurements and indicators will be taken so we have a complete benchmark to work from.


* Before Pictures – used as a great tool to motivate you and highlight how far you have come on your journey. Having to send these to your PT will ensure you keep to the plan.

* Nutrition Analysis – 14 day food diary to look at what you’re eating, when you’re eating, how much you’re eating, what you’re drinking, where you eat/drink plus how you felt each day.

* Goal Setting – Clearly setting goals will not only give you something to aim for but also will be a great accountability tool. Whether it’s a weight, a measurement or being able to complete a physical challenge.


* Nutrition Plan – Once completed NA will be reviewed and general nutritional advice.

* Exercise Plan – Based on your Goals your exercise plan is designed to challenge you, helping you achieve your goals. You will receive a new exercise plan each fortnight.

* Fortnightly emails – Fortnightly emails from your trainer with exercise hints and tips, nutrition news and reviews, tasty and healthy recipes for you to try.

* Exclusive Facebook Group – Access to our Exclusive Facebook group where you can share your experience with other PT clients, access to other fitness news, nutrition and exercise information.

* ACCOUNTABILITY SESSIONS – Fortnightly accountability sessions with your trainer either via Skype or phone to help keep you on track and motivated.

* Monthly Nutrition and Fitness Webinars – Keep up to date with all the latest information, hints and tips on whats new in Nutrition and Fitness.

* UNLIMITED SUPPORT – via email. Have questions about nutrition, exercise or just have a question about how your feeling? Drop a note to your trainer and they will respond to you asap.