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The Guardian program is designed for those who need to feel that they are being watched over by their “Guardian Angel” In this program you will be monitored on a weekly basis and have the support of having your online personal trainer with you every step of the way. This program is perfect for those that feel they cannot do this without close monitoring and accountability.

From $2/day

For $197 one-off payment (includes 1st month) & $60 a month ($2/day) you can join our Guardian Program.

Whats included :

  • Personally Trained Online App – Each client will have access to our Smart Phone app to have you connected 24/7 world wide to our highly experienced trainers. Our App works on both Android and iOS plus desktop devices and enables you to communicate, report and be accountable around the clock. Your exercise program, food diary and messages from your trainer will come directly through our App and is all in real time.
  • Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Analysis – we need to understand exactly where you are at with regards to your health, fitness and current lifestyle. This will enable a tailored approach to your program and that you are intact ready to train.
  • Body Analysis – Each client will need to take key measurements and indicators so we have a complete picture to work from. Before and after photographs to motivate and remind you from where you started and how far you have come. Understanding your body type is important to ensure the correct exercise programs are prescribed and your nutrition plan suits your body type.
  • Nutrition Analysis –  You will need to complete a food diary to look at what you’re eating, when you’re eating, how much you’re eating, what you’re drinking, where you eat/drink plus how you felt each day. Once completed we can review your relationship to food and prescribe improvements to make your eating healthier.
  • Goal Setting – Having goals are an important tool to keep you motivated and accountable on your health and fitness journey.  Each client will complete SMART goals and we will revisit these as your journey continues.
  • Nutrition Plan –  Your nutrition plan will be based on your current situation and the goals you have set. We will look at your BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate), your calorie goals you want to hit to achieve weight loss plus focus on educating you on the best foods to eat.
  • Exercise Plan – Based on your Goals your monthly exercise plan is designed to challenge you, helping you achieve your goals.
  • Weekly emailsWeekly emails from your trainer with exercise hints and tips, fact sheets with nutrition news and reviews, tasty and healthy recipes for you to try.
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group – Access to our Exclusive Private Facebook group where you can share your experience with other PTO clients, access to other fitness news, nutrition and exercise information.
  • Accountability Sessions – Weekly accountability sessions with your trainer either via Skype or phone.
  • Unlimited Support – via email. Have questions about nutrition, exercise or just have a question about how your feeling? Drop a note to your trainer and they will respond to you asap.