Focus on what you want in life rather than focusing on what you don’t have or the negative aspects in life is so important if you want to achieve goals. I often hear clients tell me that they want things to change in their lives but they are constantly comparing themselves to others and focused on the things they don’t have. Like they are in the job they like, their partner is always doing the wrong thing, their body is the way they would like and so on.

The one clear thing here is that their focus is on what they don’t have! If you focus just on this guess what you will end up with? Thats right all the things you don’t want. I am not saying to ignore you situation and just carry on naively thinking things will change. I am saying recognise your situation and what can you do to change it.

Lets look at someone who is wanting to lose weight and feel more comfortable in their own skin and be proud of who they are. Lets face it this is a pretty common theme amongst most of us. Instead of thinking how fat they look or how big their tummy is and how unfit they are we can do a few simple things to change the journey this person is on.


Firstly acknowledge where you are at. Yes you’re overweight, yes you’re worried about how big your tummy has become and more importantly you know you are unfit. Now rather than focusing on these things lets turn things around.

Lets say to ourselves in order to feel better I need to start moving more. Ok lets start with walking, get outside and go for a walk. Measure the distance that you are walking and time yourself. From there each time you go on this walk, try and beat the time. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you will notice improvement in many things. Your state of mind will improve, your body will start to feel better and then you’ll notice the endorphin rush you get from completing some exercise.

Be Kind

Secondly in this scenario start to be kind to yourself. Yes you acknowledge that you got yourself to this point but equally you can get yourself out of it. Whether its starting the exercise program yourself or going and joining a gym, joining a group personal training session or employing a personal trainer one on one, you can do this.

Stop Comparing

Thirdly – get off social media. Whilst I am a fan of social media and use it for my business. When it comes to body issues, obesity, fitness and a healthy lifestyle in general – social media can be the most negative platform you can view. I know I have to constantly remind myself not to compare myself to other trainers on there. Yes they are fit and have amazing bodies BUT its not realistic for a very large percentage of the population. It can do more harm than good. Don’t get me wrong though it can be a very powerful tool, I just think the issues it causes around body image and what the expectation is placed upon people who view it is unrealistic.

So my advice – focus on what you want, not what you don’t have or don’t want. Be positive. Get up and get going. The journey is all about starting. What are you waiting for? What you really truly desire is within reach, you just have to put up your hand and ask for it.

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