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Personally Trained is a unique health, fitness and wellness company unlike any other in the world. Here at Personally Trained I pride myself in having close working professional relationships with all my clients to enable everyone to reach their full potential.

Whether you are looking to lose weight for the very first time, to get your pre baby body back, get fit for an upcoming event, lose those extra kilograms put on over a period of inactivity, are getting back into sport from an injury or absence or are under doctors orders to get your health back in check, Personally Trained has a program to suit you.

Our programs are truly unique, I work with each of my clients to understand “their story”. What it is that has brought them to this moment in their life and where they want to go to. It is important to have this understanding so that I can enable you to do things that previously seemed unachievable.

I train my clients in a non confrontation way to ensure I get the best out of them every single session. I push my clients to achieve their best and some times this does push my clients to their limits but that is why they come to me, to be their best, to bring out their best and ultimately be the very best version of themselves they have ever been.

I train at varying locations from my private fully equipped studio at Narrabeen, at different outdoor locations throughout the Northern Beaches or in the privacy of my clients family homes. Our training programs will suit the location we are training in and the great thing is we can train all year round.

My story….

This is my story of my weightless journey, the triumphs, the tears and the laughs. We all have a story. By no means is my story a pretty one. The reason I tell my story is to provide others with the insight of what it takes to reclaim your life and that it is infact possible. If I can do it so can anyone!
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One to One Personal Training

One to One Personal Training One to One Personal Training is for those who want to the singular focus

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training

Kids Personal Training

Kids Personal Training Starting your child off with solid foundations about health and fitness is very


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