11986440_1168361293179812_1248235291587573108_nLast day of winter! Are you ready for spring? Are you ready and willing to get your gear off and hit the beach! Don’t let this be another year where you sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone else enjoys the warmer months and you regret not getting off your butt and exercising ?

With less than 24 hours to go in winter 2015 our thoughts will quickly move towards the warmth of spring and summer, the party season is about to begin and then it hits a with an all mighty thump!

BAM ! Im not ready yet to fit into my favourite clothes, or take off my shirt for the beach!

EEEEEKKKKKK! Spring and summer can be a terrifying time for the majority of the population because of the weather and the want and desire to take our clothes off to hit the beach or go for a swim in the pool. But if you’re like most of us, we’ve eaten a little too much comfort food over winter and we are feeling a little “Softer” than we would like!

Well don’t fret – there is still time!

What do I suggest you do? Well here are my five top tips

  1. Put down that cream bun or scone or block of chocolate. You DON’T need it. The comfort food is no longer a part of your diet and it will just make you feel worse in the long run. Trust me Arnotts are still calling me asking why I no longer buy Tim Tams!
  2. Pick up a glass of water. During the winter months we tend to drink less water because we are inadvertently doing less. Our bodies still need to be well hydrated and one thing we seem to be able to give up easily is drinking enough water each and every day! Ah if only it was so easy to do this with Chocolate
  3. Set your alarm clock for 45-60 mins earlier and hop out of bed and go for a walk. The days are definitely getting longer. In Sydney now the crack of dawn is starting around 530-545am so there is no reason why you can’t get in a quick walk before work.
  4. Don’t look for the quick and easy fix. Its the easiest way to fail in losing weight. Healthy weight loss is achieved in a controlled and healthy way. You didn’t put the weight on over night so please don’t expect to lose it the same way. Although I am the first to admit it does feel a lot easier putting weight on than losing it.
  5. Find a friend to walk with in the morning or get a buddy at work to go out at lunch time. Pack your runners and go for a walk around the area where your work is and get away from your desk for half an hour. Oh I hear you scream, Im too busy to do that! Well let me tell you THAT IS ABSOLUTE CRAP! You are never too busy to exercise. Your job and your work will be there when you get back and chances are you will be in a better mood for it and ready to attack the afternoon with energy and enthusiasm.

If you want more information or want to join one of our group fitness sessions, a one on one session, organise a work workout group or sign up to our online personal training program, drop me a note here! Don’t waste another moment – lets get you well on your way to being in the best shape of your life!