Fear – one of the most crippling thoughts that prevents a person from reaching their full potential. It can also prevent a person from harm. Fear is one of my most disliked emotions as I have been disabled by this on more occasions than I care to admit. Fear of being hurt, being taken for granted, ripped off or harmed can be a justified reason for not attempting something BUT fear of being successful, happy, reaching your full potential, getting that job you want, hitting your weight loss and fitness goals seems ridiculous. So how do you disable this crippling emotion. Well whats worked for me is facing the fear and breaking it down. I look at what the worst case scenario will be and often the worst case is better than the situation I find myself in write now. Take for example – setting yourself a goal of competing in an athletic event that you have never attempted before :- using the training you require to reinvigorate your existing training program and giving you something to aim for can be a very powerful tool. Your health and fitness journey continues whilst you get the added benefit of pushing your body beyond the boundaries you set. Imagine the feeling of competing in an event you thought impossible and then the added bonus of improving your fitness, strength and health goals! What have you got to lose?