Fitness is not a fad, a pill, or a specific time period – its a lifestyle

The fitness industry is ever changing and fast paced. Unfortunately a lot see this as an opportunity to make fast and easy money without any regard as to whether or not the solution they are selling is going to provide the buyer with real long term solutions. In saying this though there are a lot of offerings that will infact provide the tools needed to make real change, it just comes down to whether or not the user is executing the program properly.

The Fad – Diet, New exercise routine, the machine, the myths.

The fads be it a diet, a new exercise routine, a machine or the myth about all these things combined have one thing in common. They make unrealistic promises of the results that you will achieve using their product. Remember the ab machines of the 90’s. Buy it for $99 and use for just three minutes a day and you will get abs just like the guy and the girl on the TV commercial. Abs are built using a machine – in fact it takes nutrition and an overall fitness program to build abs.

Gluten free diets, Keto Diets, low carb diets – all have had or are having their moment of glory. Usually being pushed by a celebrity or celebrity chef. These diets do have some merit to them. They again often make unrealistic results seem possible which gets people sucked in and buying it. Gluten free eating is one diet protocol that has been picked up by the main stream as being an alternative and has been one of the most popular things to follow in the last twelve to eighteen months. Only problem is that it was brought about by those who suffer from Celiac Disease, it was not intended for the masses. Same goes for high protein, low carbs diet or Keto diets.

Over the years we have seen several different types of training come and go. Anyone remember the aerobics fad of the late 70s-80s. Then the advent of Body Pump classes, Zumba, Jazzercise, CrossFit, and HiiT and Functional training. Yes these have all come along and some still exist today. The one over whelming thing that exists for all of them, unless you do the work you won’t get the result. Now I am not going to get into the pros and cons of each of these, like any exercise you need to find what works for you and the results you are wanting to achieve. Fitness at the end of the day should be about moving more! Not what the latest and greatest trend is.

The last point I want to touch in is that in the fitness industry is that there is a fair about of shaming about programs, about so called “celebrities” and about what fitness means to most. Fitness is an individual thing, for most it means improving how their body looks and feels and how an individual feels about their appearance. It shouldn’t be about how much exercise you do or how skinny or bulked up you are. Fitness is a lifestyle not a fad a magic pill or a specific period of time, its a lifestyle.

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