Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present!

So many of us hold onto things that have happened in our past that prevent us for reaching our full potential today.

Whether it be an emotional scare from a bad relationship, failing to reach a weight loss goal, not being able to run that half marathon we trained for or being angry because we didn’t get that promotion at work. Holding¬†onto these things serves no purpose but to hold you back.

Often the things we want in life are being delayed or prevented from happening because of our own issues from the past. Learning how to let those things go, can be a very liberating experience.

When it comes to health and fitness often the failures of the past prevent us from attempting to reclaim our lives now. Failing in the past doesn’t have to be a life sentence to obesity and inactivity. A huge reason why people fail is they attempt the quick fix programs or do a 12 week program without on going support.

Being fit and healthy should be a normal way of life – not this thing we place up on a pedestal and worship via Social Media.

Simple, consistent and methodical steps to weight loss and fitness is the only approach if you want long-term success.