New year same results?

We are 7 days into a brand new year and the resolutions are starting to become a distant memory. Most people will begin to go back to work after a 2 week Christmas break.

Reality starts to rear its ugly head.

  • Work returns,
  • family commitments increase
  • The changes we made make way for our busy life.

This is the start of the cycle that many of us find ourselves in and before too long this becomes normal. New year same results? Another disappointing and frustrating side of modern life. Things get in the way of whats important.

What’s important? Your health and well being. This is usually the first casualty of the new year. Followed by relationships with friends and then break down of our family.

This might sound dramatic but if you take a good hard look at the world, you will be by what you see. Im not saying that this will happen to everyone but there may be degrees of what happens to a lot of people.

So how do you make things different? My post from last week about “Start”, continue the momentum of what you did begin and watch the momentum build. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be as simple as going to bed earlier to enable you to wake an hour earlier. The task of getting up an hour earlier will give you another 5 hours a week? That’s almost half a days work that you gain, the only difference is you can use it for you. I don’t know about you but I know gaining another 5 hours is a blessing and something I try to make sure I get. Its’ summer in Australia and the sun is up from about 530am. That hour could be getting out for a walk before the family wakes up. This amount of exercise a week will have a huge impact on you. Now remember it wont change over night but it will happen. You have to persevere with it. I’ll talk more about perseverance next post. If you think you would like to start working on your health and fitness more add body weight exercises.

From there you can join a group fitness class or even go to the singular focus of your very own personal trainer. For those who aren’t local to us and want a personal trainer our Online Personal Training program is for you. Check out the links to each of these for more information.