Stop Consuming and Start Implementing

When it comes to the fitness and health industry as a society we seem to have an never ending appetite for the next best thing or the ever lasting search for the wonder pill or wholly grail of fitness products. Its time to stop consuming and start implementing.

If we only implemented what we consumed we would have a lot less overweight and unfit people in the world.

Sound harsh? Yes it does but it usually does sound harsh when you speak the truth. Now before anyone thinks I am coming to you from a high and mighty position, DON’T!

diet, personal trainer, personal training northern beachesI have been one of those consumers who bought every diet book under the sun. I spent in excess of $500 buying the latest book. What did it do for me? Not much at the time. Made me feel good for a few hours and then after a short while I had forgotten I had bought the book and was right back in the same place I was.

The same goes for the latest diet plan and work out program. There are a million of these available too. Just go onto Instagram and check out all the “fitness experts” that are offering their program and you too can look like them. One thing they forget to mention is they are training 5-8 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to take nothing away from how amazing these athletes look nor how hard they work.

With the health and fitness industry worth billions its easy to see why so many are launching products and services. Everyone wants a piece of this every growing pie.

The one key thing that is missing from most offerings is getting clients to implement the programs, diets, mindset changes etc etc.

So how do you change this? Stop consuming and start implementing more.

Simple, create the desire you wish to achieve. Make it personal to you and don’t be afraid to go after exactly what you want. Find a program that resonates with you. Something that inspires you, something you can see yourself achieving. Find support in the shape of a trainer or a coach that can get you the results you want. Be honest with yourself. Recognise where you are today and where you want to go. Have faith or belief in what you are wanting to achieve. Celebrate the successes along the way. Don’t lose sight of the main goal even when there are set backs. JUST DO IT! I hate to say it but it comes down to something as simple as JUST DO IT!

If you’re looking for a program to follow and the support to achieve your goals check out our group personal training or our one to one personal training. If you’re not local to where our studio is check out our online personal training.