Where are the results? We are six weeks into a new year and I am yet to see any real results? Why isn’t this working? Should I give up? Have I done something wrong? My body just doesn’t want to lose weight!

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Frustration is common place amongst those who are wanting weight loss and lean muscle gain. Unfortunately the decision to lose weight is not the only part of the process. You need to do the work to reduce your cms around your waist or the kilos on the scale.

In society today we suffer from immediacy syndrome. It’s where we have this expectation that we should be able to achieve just about anything in a timeframe that is relevant to us. Sadly this is not the case when it comes to changing our bodies. Especially if we have been sedentary for a long period of time.

If your wondering if your body is changing there are a couple of things you can do that can help you see that you are moving in the right direction.

  • Are you feeling any better? Is waking up in the morning easier? Are you not as tired mid afternoon? Are you sleeping better?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Is your skin clearer?
  • Are your eyes less blood shot?
  • Are your bowel movements regular?

Aside from these other key indicators you can use to see if you are making progress is how your clothes feel on you. Are they becoming more loose? I always suggest clients take measurements and before pictures when we start. Most are very reluctant to do so but they do serve and important part of the process. They are there to remind us of how far we have come and to show the positive changes we are making are in fact making a difference. Its not about embarrassing you. I believe it also helps a client accept where they are and to move forward. Accepting where you are is so vitally important in the process of losing the unwanted kgs. It is very confronting taking control of where you are at. I know this as I had to take responsibility for where I was before I started my weight loss journey. You can read more about it here <MY STORY>.

Remember that you didn’t become unfit and gain weight in an instant so why would losing it be any different. If your still crying “Where are the results?” maybe you need to a little further investigation. Do you need to be more honest with yourself? Have you done absolutely everyone you should to maximise the opportunity for results? Or have there been days when you’ve just fallen off the wagon and don’t want to admit to yourself you have? Being honest here will definitely help in the long run, lying to yourself only punishes you. Time for a reality check!

Be kind to yourself if you have fallen off the wagon. Beating yourself up does nothing. Especially if it sends you down the path of emotional eating or worse still drinking excessively. Being kind to yourself does help you overcome these set backs and we all suffer them from time to time.

Another avenue you can explore is to visit your gp and get a check up. You could have things going on that are causing weight not to shift. Simple things like adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, PCOS (women only), higher cortisol levels or even if you are on medications these maybe working against you.

Generally speaking there has to be an explanation as to why you are not losing weight. Please just be patient and go through the tips I have listed above and hopefully you will find out what is holding you back. Once you can address this I know you’ll be able to move forward and reach your goals.

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